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PUF Panels: One of the few Cold Storages in India to use latest technology Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) panels
  -- PUF panels have much higher insulation properties in comparison with Thermocole. Improves energy efficiency & drastically reduces heat loss
  -- Panels are factory fabricated & assembled on site to provide consistent quality
  -- Provides clean & hygenic conditions for storage

125 KVA Generator for Uninterrupted Power Supply

Mechanised Material Handling system
  -- Hydraulic Pallet Trucks and Electric Drum Stackers are used for movement of material. This reduces the time required for loading and unloading and minimises damage to product
-- Our Facility is capable of handling 200 ltrs./300 kg. metal drums, 50 kg plastic drums, cartons and gunny/plastic bags.

Flooring made of High Strength Steel Tubes
  -- Prevents breakage due to moisture that wooden slats are susceptible to.
  -- Eliminates fungal growth.

Digital Temp & Humidity readouts at multiple locations

Safety Features:
  -- Fire Extinguishers on each floor, machine room & loading bay
  -- Pressure Equalizing Valves in each chamber
  -- System to open locked doors from inside to avoid accidental locking of personnel inside the chamber
  -- Alarm System in each chamber in case an operator is locked in the chamber

Fire Extinguishers & Pressure Equalizing Valve

Humidifiers & Exhaust systems to maintain product quality

Qualified Operators to run the plant efficiently & handle any machine breakdowns