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Efficient Machine Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

Started in 1974, Efficient Machine Accessories (EMAPL) is the cornerstone company of the Efficient Group.

EMAPL was established for producing precision components for the automobile and machine tool sector and has expanded into making critical assemblies for customers in the process industry.

Our core strength lies in the manufacture of high quality, critical products where precision and repeatability is essential. Our organization loves a challenge - our customers recognize that they can rely on EMAPL to consistently develop & produce critical components of high quality. With a constant focus of quality and delivery, the name 'Efficient' has become synonymous with high quality & high reliability in the Industry.

EMAPL is an ISO certified company since 1997. We organised into three areas of Business
- Machine Tool Accessories Division
- Combustion Systems Division
- Valve Manufacturing Division

Machine Tool Accessories Division:
EMAPL is a key supplier to the Machine Tool Industry. This division manufactures products such as Standard & Special purpose Precision Universal Joints, Trip (Cam) Dogs for limit switches, Centralized Lubrications Systems, etc.

In 1989 EMAPL ventured into manufacture of import substitute precision measuring instruments such as Bore Gauges and Centralisers (dial indicating centering device). Products include a wide range of Bore gages, Centralisers, Internal Gear gages, Thread Pitch tester, Micro Height gages and Gauging fixtures. These products are marketed under the brand name 'Citizen'.

Boiler Firing Systems Division:
EMAPL has also established itself as a major manufacturer of Boiler Firing Systems. We manufacture the entire Pumping and Firing system for the Boiler. This includes Burner Assembly including the Burner Rod, Air & Oil Regulating Assembly, Oil Preheating Unit, Oil Pumping Units, Fuel Pump Assembly, Oil Circulating Header, etc.
Valve manufacturing Division:
EMAPL has also ventured into the Flow Control Area for manufacture of special purpose valves. We manufacture a variety of valves used in chiller plants such as service valve, angle valves, refrigeration valves, etc. We also manufacture Oil Regulating Valves for use in the Firing System of Boilers. Sampling Valves, Drain Valves, etc are some of the other valves developed for the Chemical Industry.